We’ve been teasing you about the changes to this year’s Big Raffle.

The sellers of this year’s winning tickets will also win cash prizes.

But wait, that’s not all! You’ll have to pick up your tickets to find out more.

Don’t forget, we need everyone’s help to sell the tickets. If you see a neighbor or friends tickets in the back of Church, please consider delivering them so they have a chance to win too!

Our goal is to have the tickets in the back of church by the weekend of May 22nd/23rd. We will leave them in the back for just a few weeks. On June 6th, after the 11:30 mass, they will be taken out of the Church. Those that have not been picked up by June 6th will be hand delivered.

We need volunteers to deliver the remaining tickets.

Please call Penny at 313-231-4444 if your willing to help.

We are all praying that the festival will be back in 2022 and be better than ever! Thanks again for all you do