Everything changes all around me
The leaves are falling, and the wind has picked up.
The clock has been changed,
as the days get shorter and the nights longer.
Children grow up and leave;
and all get older each day.
Teeming neighborhoods become abandoned,
as great cities become ghost towns.
Healthy bodies become afflicted with illness.
Comfort loses the struggle to unease,
Secured portals become doubtful!
Uncertainty and fear overcome the mind,
and hearts tremble at the impermanence ofthings.
But Jesusis by my side.
He walks with me through the storm.
The only rock upon which Istand,
My shoulders are higher above the waters.
My body may ache in pain, but He is by me,
Holding my hands so securely!
He gazes on me with tenderness,
For life without himisfearful and hopeless.
Day and night my heart muses,
because he delightsin me!
All is good for God makes ALL!
ALL changes but God alone stands.
Jesus calms my fears, and steadies my steps.
Faith in him is my stronghold,
For his promises never fail.
Ever faithful, Love Divine,
Oh Divine Master, King of my heart,
reign in me, and take me all
so I have you – and only YOU
as everything changes and returns to you
who are our Lord and God.
Be praised forever and ever.

Father Cornelius Okeke