Starting from the first week of Advent this year (November 27, 2022), St. Mary Magdalen and SS Andrew and Benedict will no longer be under my leadership. The two parishes will be led by Fr. Tim Birney, the Moderator of our Family who is also in charge of St. Frances Cabrini. This means that St. Frances Cabrini, St. Mary Magdalen and SS Andrew and Benedict will now be a tri-parish configuration. By the same token, Fr. Charles Mmaduekwe will also be with Fr. Tim. I will be left with St. Andre Bessette. This rearrangement has to be made because the priest who was supposed to help at Cabrini was not able to come from India. Moving St. Mary Magdalen and SS Andrew and Benedict to Cabrini with two priests appears a more practical option than the previous arrangement.

As much as I will miss everyone from St Mary Magdalen and SS Andre and Benedict, I am glad that we are still
in the same family. My given name is Uchenna which means, God’s will. It is this name that has guided my
steps since my childhood. It is this awareness that disposes me always to enter into the flow of Divine
Presence and let myself be led to wherever God wishes to lead me. That was how I became a priest; did all my
studies; came to St. Andre Bessette in 2012; was asked to take over the three parishes in 2019, and now in
2022, I have been asked to go back to being the priest overseeing just St. Andre Bessette. To me, these
changes feel like dancing to the rhythmic music played by God. As long as we stay in the dance, our bodies,
souls, and hearts will move well and feel the invigoration of the Holy Spirit. Resistance or rigidity always leads
to the fracturing of hearts and souls. Let us be assured of God’s grace as we transition into this new
arrangement. You will always have my love even if I am no longer the overseer. Remember: God is good, and
he is good ALL THE TIME!

I love you all,
Fr. Cornelius Uchenna Okeke