Why become part of the Catholic Church?

If you are asking this question, perhaps God is leading you to an answer. We believe you will find the fullness of Christianity in the teaching of the Catholic Church. Only you can truly answer the question about joining our Church.

Through the RCIA, interested men, women and teens come to know the presence of God in their lives. The RCIA offers you the opportunity to learn how a relationship with God can change your life. In is an opportunity to see what the Catholic Church believes and how we live our faith. In the RCIA process we will study Scripture, discuss Catholic teaching, and most importantly, get a true good and honest idea about what the Catholic Church is really all about.

If you or someone you know would like to become a Catholic, or if you were baptized Catholic but have never celebrated the sacraments of First Holy Eucharist and/or Confirmation, please contact me.

Mary Vozniak (313) 574-9357 or rcia@standreparish.org