Who or What Rules Your Heart?


Whenever a couple is experiencing difficulties or issues in their relationship, the first question that always comes to my mind is: where are their hearts? I would want to know whether their hearts were still with each other. Once the heart moves away from any of them, the relationship will be on a more difficult journey. If the hearts are still with each other, but they are dealing with personality differences, they can weather the storm. The heart is like the thermometer: she measures the temperature of every relationship, letting us know when a relationship has grown cold or when the warmth is still there. And if the heart moves away, believe me, the relationship is left with its shells but with no life. Many marital relationships are like shells: married but lonely, with no life because the heart has moved away even though the body is there!


This will help you understand how important the question is: who or what rules your heart? Imagine how your life would be if Jesus Christ were to rule your heart, come what may! Believe me; you will be strong and stable even in the midst of all life’s troubles because you know that the King who rules your life holds power over life and death and that His love for you is unshakable! And if the leaders of the world and places were to let Jesus rule their hearts, we would relate better with each other. But we can start from our very own selves. Christ is not just the King of the Universe; He wants to be the King of every heart if we each let him. Then He will bring unconditional love, lasting peace, a sense of inner security, and many other strengths to each heart.


As we celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King, may we not get lost in the processions but actively pray for the Lord of the Universe to take over our hearts and transform them into havens of love and peace. It is my prayer for all of us today and always. Amen


Fr Cornelius Okeke