On What Foundation Are You Building Your Life?

There is a progression in the manner Jesus is teaching us the principles of the new world order, the Kingdom of God that he announced. Last week, He confronted us with the idea of trusting God completely at all times in our lives. If we trust God, we will not have to worry so much about anything in our lives. Committing ourselves to God is the foundation of any meaningful life. Committed life gives direction to our thoughts and energies. Commitment to the principles of the Kingdom is what guarantees our true fulfillment. But this commitment should not be lip service: it has to be truly true in order to bear fruit in our lives. If you want to live, decide to live to the full, and not half-measures. In other words, how do you construct your life: on truth or on deception? This week, He is placing before us the importance of being sincerely committed to God; trusting Him totally and completely because He is our Father. How would you take it that someone expresses his love for you but his/her heart is somewhere else? After a few years, you begin to see that he was not what he said he was.

On February 20, 2011 the Extreme Makeover Home Edition showed Ty and the gang rebuilding a home for Staff Sergeant Patrick Ziegler and his fiancée Jessica. Patrick was wounded during the 2009 shootings at Foot Hood, Texas, in which 13 were killed and 32 were injured in the incident. Jessica stayed by his side during Patrick’s recovery. In addition to the new home, the team hosted their wedding.

Do you ask yourself why Jessica stayed by Patrick’s side all through the period of his recovery? One part of his brain has been damaged forever; his one hand and one leg have been paralyzed. But he still could speak, to tell Jessica that he loved her. They wedded. Obviously, Jessica will spend the rest of her life taking care of Patrick. But she could have walked away after that incident, just as some leave their spouses in the event of a tragic incident such as loss of job, increase in weight, sickness, etc. Jessica’s relationship with Patrick has a solid foundation – come rain or snow or sunshine, nothing will happen to it. If we trust God our Father, we will maintain our peace at all times.

~Fr Cornelius Okeke