…Your kingdom come, {your will be done on earth} … (Luke 11:2)

We all know that communication is vital in any deep relationship. It is the one thing I hope couples take away from the sessions together before a marriage. Communication is the key to deep and lasting relationships. We all know it; yet, how often do we fail to find time to listen and talk with those we love the most? How often do we really listen and talk with those with whom we are friends? How often do we really listen and talk with colleagues with whom we work? And our relationships without deep communication stay a mile long and an inch thick. This is what prayer is all about – relationship and communication.

Prayer is about showing up. It does not have to be more than sighs too deep for words; prayer does not have to be more than a recitation of the alphabet. It is the availability that is important. Prayer that is genuine is simply a matter of opening one’s heart to talk and listen to the One who created you and loves with a love that excels all other loves.

I believe this is true – prayer changes things. Do you agree with me? So, what changes? Is God awakened to our needs by our prayers? I do not know about this. To what degree do our prayers change the mind and actions of God? That is a question I cannot answer. But it is absolutely true that Jesus taught us to ask God for the things we need. Jesus taught us to pray for daily bread. I don’t know that God is changed when we do, but we might be changed and become a little more in tune with the fact that food and the sustenance of the earth are gifts to be cherished if we make it a steady habit to ask for such a blessing as food enough for the day and to say “Thank you” when it comes. Our hearts might be made more open and grateful as we give God a nod of thanks when the needs of our bodies are met by the abundance of the earth.

Is God awakened to the deep broken-ness of our lives, our seven communities, our world when we pray? Is God stirred from sleep by our cries of pain and fear? Again, I’m not sure of this, but Jesus taught us to pray for God’s reign on earth as God reigns in heaven. Jesus knew the gulf that existed and still exists between the perfect realm of God’s love and the ways in which we live with one another on earth; so, he taught us to take it to God in prayer. As we do, we might be awakened to needs around us and within us while also being made more in touch with the Source of power and wisdom to address the needs.

Prayer changes things – namely it changes us! Prayer keeps us grounded in the Source of Life, Love, Power. Prayer keeps us mindful of gifts. Prayer keeps us connected with others. Prayer changes things; so, let’s keep at it. Day by day let us pray and trust God to use us for God’s kingdom come! Amen.


Fr. Charles Chidiebere Mmaduekwe