Come to the light!

I remember some time ago when I visited the United States from Italy. During that time, there was power outage that cut across many states including Michigan. It seemed that a terrorist attacked the power grid. It was quite an experience. I was living then in the rectory of St. Catherine’s Catholic Church, Algonac and the St. Clair River passed by the city. The whole city was enveloped in darkness. People did not know what to do because almost everything depended on power. In the night, the streets became empty because people feared what might be lurking in the dark. It was a scary time. For the first time, many people came to appreciate the fact that they had a constant power supply. When there is light, everything is clear. People can move around more confidently.

You now wonder with Jesus, who is the Divine Light that enlightens our lives, why people would choose to live in the dark than come to the light! Why would people prefer hate to love, darkness to light, unforgiveness to forgiveness, division to unity, to have more power and control over others than love and community, etc.? It has been a puzzling question even to Jesus himself. Yet, those who prefer to live in darkness do not find life, peace, and joy in their lives. That is the verdict: light came in Jesus Christ, but people prefer darkness! It is like a drug addict who prefers the poison of a drug to the peace of sobriety. It is not addiction that is the huge problem, but the reluctance to do something about it! May the Lord grant us the grace to always live in His Light. Amen


~Fr Cornelius Okeke