I look at the flowers in the garden

Blooming to the smile of heaven,

Their colors radiant with your glory Lord!

The garden, where all flowers,

In their beauty and uniqueness

Praise your name,

And give joy and delight

To us, your children!


And the trees!

How they are firmly planted in the earth,

Even as they dance to the caress of the wind;

How ready and willing they are

To surrender to each season, as they come and go!

And so, they teach us,

How to stay firm in you,

And let circumstances come and go.


I look at the heavens,

The mystery that is beyond me;

The galaxies, planets, stars; the elements;

They are like a multicolored roof over our head.

They stretch our intellect and awe our imagination;

And we ask: where do we start?

How did all this come about?

The answer is SILENCE; for words fall so short Lord!


And the new baby Lord!

This great piece of work

That delights every heart

And sends vibrating energy across the universe

With their lavishing smile and innocent mischievousness!

This little “thing”,

From the very beginning

Was as little as a penny.

But now has grown

Into this complex piece of mystery to love and adore!

Like the oak, this baby, this beauty incarnate,

Will grow to be a mother or a father

And will change the world,

Guided at each step, by YOU,

That Invisible Hand

That holds ALL THINGS

And ALL PERSONS, together!


How wonderful YOU are, Lord!

Everything speaks of YOU.

All we do, all we have, are from you.

Behind everything, every experience, is YOU

Working, so silently, so gently, with love and care!

Only that our eyes are blinded by so many things,

That we forget we are in YOU and you are in us.


How I pray so ardently Lord,

That we can see,

And recognize your Presence in and around us!

Then our hearts and minds

Shall be filled with joy and gratitude.

Open our eyes, Lord

To see YOU and to thank you

For your hands, ever present,

Hold us so tenderly, with love and care.

May I live each day, Lord,

Thanking you for your many blessings.


You are my Love and my Lord, forever. Amen