My Jesus, My Love, My King

Oh my precious, loving Jesus,

You are my Lord, my love, my King!

You rule my heart with love and light;

You guide my life, if I let you.

Many times I wander off,

In search of life and security;

But I know so deeply, Lord,

That there is no home outside you!

A heart is homeless,

Unless you are her home!

Unless you rule a heart,

Unless you guide a heart,

She suffers in distress,

As she is tossed around

By the winds of desire and beliefs

That do not give peace, joy and meaning.

But you are my Lord, my love, my King,

My Precious Jesus!

Life is safe in your hands;

Life is meaningful in your abode

Life has direction,

Because you guide it!

I submit myself to your Lordship,

In love You desire me

In love you want me,

In love I want to give you my ALL!

Give your ALL to me, my child

And look not back

For that is what love means:

Total giving of yourself:

Heart, soul, mind and body;

Nothing more, nothing less!

Let me live in you

As you live in me

For nothing, and no one

Can fill you up, but Me.

Be not afraid to give your ALL,

Throw yourself into me

For I am your Home!

Make your home in me

And you will find life, peace, joy and energy.

Look not back, hold back nothing.

For love wants all

All or Nothing!

Let your two feet leave the ground they stand;

Let go of your attachments,

Those desires and cares of your heart,

Which take away your peace and joy.

Release to me those chains that hold you sad

So you can be free for me,

So I can be truly the king of your heart.

Look not back,

Leave nothing behind

Let me be your ALL!

 I give you myself, dearest Jesus,

My Lord and my King!

Empty me completely

That I may be thoroughly empty,

So you can fill me with you,

So you can rule my life with your love,

That fire that burns away all that resists you!

Empty me, My Lord and my King

So I can be totally yours,

And obeying your directives!

I will be ready to follow you,

Wherever you go;

I will be ready to go where you want me to go,

and do whatever you ask me to do!

I want to be completely free for you,

My Jesus, my King!

This is my deepest desires,

My truest and deepest desire.

Rule me, guide me, love me!

I give you my ALL

All of myself, and not half!

Here I am Lord,

Take me, guide me, rule my heart!

For only your grace,

Your gentle hand,

Can hold me firmly

And free me from myself

So I can be completely yours,

Forever and ever,

My Lord, my Love and my King.

May your name be praised

Now and forever. Amen

~ Fr Cornelius Okeke