The heart of life is communion,
To commune with one another
Because it is the very life of God.

Everything in nature participates
in this communion, for
the whole creation issued from God
whose nature is communion,
the communion between the Three Persons,
of the Trinity.
We are alive if we live in communion,
and we die if we separate
ourselves from the community.

The so-called Ecosystem
is a biological expression of communion.
The systems in our body depict that too!
We are both in and from communion,
and we live in communion:
first with God in whose image we are made,
and then with others whom
we need and who need us.

All evil or sin is a fight
against communion,
against love,
against that which holds all together.
Evil is separation from communion,
a Declaration of Independence
from God and from others, and from
the whole of nature.

Evil creates suffering mainly
through divisions, aggression and hate,
which make people feel out of the community,
Not belonging, not accepted,
Useless and hopeless.

All yearning is a yearning for communion,
for love, for connectedness,
for self-value, for belonging;
all struggle is against rejection,
against non-acceptance,
against not belonging.

And when one feels thrown out of communion,
or not accepted, the person dies;
or he may resort to violence
to protest against the precarious
situation he finds himself or herself.
Rejection is evil, for it throws
one out of community.
“You do not belong, because
You are not valued:
Jesus came to heal the wounds of our communion:
to heal the separation we feel
from God due to sin”;
not necessarily particular sin,
but this whole attitude to life,
which pays no attention to God,
the source of our life.

The way to bring communion,
is the very way of love and justice, forgiveness,
selfless service to others.

Love heals, forgiveness restores us back
to communion with God and others:
understanding makes more space
for communion to grow and be nurtured

On the other hand,
anger, resentment, grudges, injustice
vengeance, self-centeredness-
all these are disruptive
of communion, of love, of life as a whole.

The healing of Jesus is basically the healing
of all that works against communion,
-communion within self,
-communion with others,
-communion with God

When we are in communion
with God, with others, with self,
we are whole; we feel united;
we produce life and love;
we live and make others live.

Lord Jesus, you came in our flesh
to heal the wounds
caused by our autonomous life
from God.
Give us the grace to know the Father
and come back to the fountain of life,
God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The scripture is
our journey with God
written in the sacred books;
it is the story of God’s struggle
through covenants to bring us into communion
with him and with others and with ourselves.

The incarnation of Jesus is the ultimate
revelation of the inner life of God,
which is: Communion in love.
In his life, we experience and see clearly
the struggle between communion and love
and disruptive elements.
Only through endurance, suffering
through the cross, his death
did Jesus conquer and overcome
all evil against communion.
His resurrection is our hope
that God, who is Father and communion,
is beyond all elements
that work for death.

In the end life wins over death,
love wins over hate,
forgiveness over grudges and resentment.
That is why Jesus is Lord
and God is God of the living and not
of the dead.
In God we live, move and have our being!
For he is our communion, our source, our Father!

May your grace, dear Lord

help us live this communion
with you,
with others
and with ourselves,
so we can produce life, healing, love,
kindness, understanding,
-all that promotes communion
and not separation, division and injustice.

Be praised forever, Amen.