In the Days to come …

Yes, in the days to come

The Lord will visit his people

And establish Jerusalem

As the gathering space,

For all nations, tribes, and languages.

That day, all shall know

That God is love,

That we are not separate

Neither from God

Nor from one another.

For God, our Father,

Embraces ALL as ONE, His Children!

When that day comes,

The desert will turn into springs of water

Dry leaves will become green again

Sad hearts will sing

Broken hearts will be healed

Dreams of goodness and love will be fulfilled.

For we will know

That we are deeply loved by God!

All fears will be gone,

Anxiety will give way to peace and joy

The wanderer will find his way home,

And the lost shall find himself,

For he never was lost to God,

But to himself!

But that day is NOW!

It was not yesterday,

And not tomorrow.

It is NOW!

For God is here NOW in my life.

But my eyes are closed,

Blinded by many desires,

My mind clouded by many false expectations.

In the days to come …

No, that day is here NOW!

For our Lord has come,

And he continues to come

Into our lives

Every minute, every day – NOW.

Be awake!

Be alert!

Listen with your heart

And you will

How he gathers you

From the places you dispersed yourself;

He will lead you

To the fountain of water,

His grace,

To wash you and feed you with his love.

He gives you peace and heals your wounded heart.

He takes away your fears and wipes your tears.

You will be home again,

Home in Him,

And with your brothers and sisters.

You need not do much.


Open your eyes

And you will see.

He is here – Right NOW!

Thank you, Lord

For your love and presence in my life.

Help me to see and love you,

Every day of my life. Amen


 ~Fr. Cornelius Okeke