I have often wondered,

Dearest Lord,

why you love us humans;

why your love pursues us, constantly.

Though we often make mistakes,

and our guilt is always before us;

Your love enfolds us

in the embrace of your arms

like a mother tenderly gathers her children

under her arms,

even so you shield us with your love.

You look at us,

and all you see is your children;

Your beloved children, Lord!

We often betray you;

ignore you

neglect you, and even

work against you.

But you never lose sight,

You do not forget

that we are your children!

You wait and wait,

nudge and nudge

and often, we pay no attention.

Like a mother,

You feel the pain, the agony

for we do not follow the path of life;

we reject your love,

again and again,

and follow the gods that devour us.

Yet, your love is unconditional.

For you reach out – always

You stretch out your arms to hold us,

despite ourselves.

You are just, Dearest Lord,

but your unconditional love

surpasses your justice!

For if you were to mark our guilt,

no one could stand it.

No! Your ways are not our ways,

your thoughts, not our thoughts!

Like our mother,

your patience endures,

but yours, even deeper

for you are God!


You never let go of us,

no matter what we do.

You turn sinners into saints,

You soften hardened hearts

to love and proclaim you with vigor

your gentle touch,

can transform a hoodlum into a sweet dove!

Your ways are not ours;

we judge and measure

ourselves and others

but you know everything

about each person.

For our lives, like a book,

lie open before your eyes and you know

our struggles

our efforts

our pains

our joys

our sorrows

our doubts

deeper than we know them

and from this knowledge

Dearest Lord,

your love,

unconditionally poured out,

flows to and through us,

till we can love

so lavishly as you

so extravagantly

so generously as you,

so unconditionally as you!

Teach us silence,

silence of the soul and heart

so we can simply rest

securely in Your Love!

That is all that matters,

Dearest Lord.

Every other thing is an addition.

You and you alone can fill our hearts

with love that never fades or dies.

Be praised forever. Amen