I do not seek to penetrate into the mystery of the Holy Trinity, for mystery is not meant to be explained, but experienced and lived in awe and wonderment. Explanation belongs to the rational mind, but experience belongs to the province of the heart. The mind can rigorously explain love but its explanation does not translate into life until the heart experiences it.

In the same way, the heart sees, without the eyes of the mind, the inner reality of the Holy Trinity, and realizes it is all about love and communion. It is the continuous flow of loving and communing and generating life thereof. The Father gives of himself in creating life and sustains this life
constantly; the Son gives of himself to mend the wounded world and show us that the only way to live is to love and forgive; the Holy Spirit is the heart of Divine Love, always giving of herself in assisting each person and the whole of life to grow in love and union with each other. In this flow of love and communion, there is no place for selfishness or self-preoccupation. We
each are called to enter into this constant flow of love and communion, by giving of ourselves to others and to the whole of life, for in doing so we generate life in others and in ourselves. In doing so, we join in the  Trinitarian dance of love and completely let go of ourselves. That is the
true freedom, which our hearts ache for!

From this, therefore, we can see the inner meaning of the mission we receive from God: to go and baptize all in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit! The water of baptism, which flows from the sanctuary of God, from the heart of Jesus, is a symbol of the flow of Divine love and communion into which we are all initiated. Henceforth, we leave off the old cloths of self-preoccupation, self-protection, greed and grasping, and throw ourselves into this water and become new and free. We are clothed with a white garment symbolizing our rebirth in this divine love and freedom from the anxieties, greed and debilitating arrogance of our mini
egos. The old order has passed away, and a new one has begun. In this new order, we join hands with all our brothers and sisters in the Trinitarian dance of love and communion. A new community, the Church, is born in which we constantly immerse ourselves, through liturgical prayer and worship, in this flow of Divine love and communion.

You will now have seen that the greatest threat to this experience of  Trinitarian dance of love and communion is selfishness. All the struggles for power, greed, recognition, control and divisions in our relationships, families, Church and society, only block the flow of this liberating experience God has so lavishly given to us individually and as communities.

This block is the inner meaning of sin. We suffer for it and so do others, for we are all in this dance. But whenever we realize we are in the way of this divine flow and dance, we repent and turn around and confess our  ignorance and selfishness. In doing so, the block is removed and we get back in the dance with others, to the glory and joy of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

As you can see, it’s all about love and communion, and we are all in it together. Do you see yourself in this dance and flow of Divine love and communion? Or do you see yourself as cut off? How and in what ways do you enjoy or disrupt this flow? May the joy and freedom of the Trinitarian love fill your heart and energize your experience of love and communion with God and others.