My Dearest Lord,
I kneel before you
In adoration to your majesty
Surrendering all that I am and have!
I hold your hands and let you lead me
Wherever you know I should go,
For only this trust serves
And nothing more!
I presume many times
That I know your ways and your mind
But how many times have I been wrong?
For you burst through my presumptions
And throw me into darkness, To invite me to wait for you
At the place and time
Your wisdom knows is right!
I think of John the Baptist, Your cousin Lord Jesus!
He cried out to you
from the dungeon of his pain,
At the hand of Herod
Who determined to silence truth!
Your cousin Lord,
Believed you would free him, Set him free from the darkness
of Herod’s prison!
But you didn’t!
And he wondered why;
Whether you were truly the messiah
Or was he mistaken
In his message and prophecy!
He doubted and questioned.
How could you leave him
to suffer in prison Lord?
The lone voice that sounded your name
From the desert to the plains!
So confused, your cousin John was, That he sent some people to ask you:
Are you the messiah?
For it makes no sense, No sense whatsoever that he has you
And you seem to care not about him!
But you are the messiah:
For you heal the sick,
Make the lame walk, the deaf hear, And you raise the dead!
You are the messiah, Lord!
But you left John to die in prison!
Why? Why? Why?
It is the question that goes up to heaven
From the four corners of the earth,
Every single day from the mouth of a mother
Who lost her young child,
A committed husband
who lost the love of his life;
A child who is being ravaged by illness
And the many who are disappointed
By your apparent silence
To their struggles and pains!
Why? Why? Why?
Questions without answers!
But now I know, My dearest Lord,
That you invite us beyond these questions
To a place of trust in you,
A place where we can rest fully in You
And know that there is life
Even beyond this life!
For all is made perfect in You.
In that trust we can only wait, Wait patiently, Lord
For your visit and direction!
After all, all life belongs to you
And You do with us what you will. We only have to trust you,
In all things and at all times!
Only Trust serves.
May I trust you Lord, Even with all the whys
In my heart and mind!

Father Cornelius Okeke