On this Sunday particularly I usually find myself, through imagination, in the room where the apostles were after the death of the Lord. Their hopes totally shattered, and fear and despair hanging over their lives and the building in which they were. Not only were they confused about the story of the Risen Lord related by the women, they were also afraid of the reaction of the Jews. In the midst of this confusion and fear, the mind does not think straight, and the heart is cowed down by trepidation. The only outward symbol of their wearing security is the locked door. Certainly it would be such a difficult task to continue to persuade themselves that the locked door actually made them safe. The door to the building could be locked but the door of their hearts and minds were so wide open to the invasion of fear and confusion. To such inner fear and confusion, the locked door cannot do anything. In the meantime, however, the locked door has become what the object-relations psychologists call “transitional object”, an object that has become invested with meaning and consolation; a kind of placebo treatment! But every placebo circumvents the reality. Placebo works but only as long as the reality is not faced.

When Jesus appeared, He went right away to the reality their hearts and minds were experiencing: confusion and fear. To this inner condition, He brought His Peace. He bypassed the locked door, indicating to them that their fears and confusion could not be checked by the locked door. Only the peace that comes from Him can set them free from that confusion and fear. When they have that peace, the door to their hearts and minds would be open for fresh air and joy; the physical door can be locked or open and they would no longer be afraid or confused. 

Our Risen Lord has the power to bypass the heavy locks with which we have locked ourselves in our fears, confusion, despair, doubts, festering anger, vengefulness, frustration, guilt, shame, addiction, self-recrimination, irresponsible living, dissatisfaction, self-loathing, and breathe afresh into our lives the peace that only He can give. It is the peace that Divine Mercy offers, freely and lavishly. We are only asked to receive it. In the words of advertisers, try it this week, and you see that it works! The way is Trustful Prayer. In you Jesus, I trust!