Life cannot be a mere chance event. And it cannot be simply reduced to a routine that grinds the soul to a dulling monotony. A monotonous existence indicates absence of passion; for passion is the energy that fuels and drives a life that has found its reason for being. Unless the reason for being is found, we will tend to live at the mercy of trial and error, or simply become slaves to the conventional maps of life, which, at best, remain unprocessed and lacking in personal touch. Without a clear reason for being, some people, both young and not so young, may spend their lives fighting society, hurting themselves and others. They get so profoundly frustrated and vent their frustration on others in a life of violence, or they simply surrender their aimless existence to addictions or depression, laziness or complete stupor! However, this fundamental sickness expresses itself, it has the same root: lack of reason for being! It is an existential tragedy to live like that. Such a life is a miserable one and those around will definitely feel the misery.

The reason for one’s being must go beyond and deeper than what everyone does; it transcends the idea of career or making a living. The reason for being expresses one’s unique presence in this world and directs one’s entire being towards the transformation of the world into a better place similar to the plan in God’s mind. Your reason for being is the surest foundation for your fulfillment in life, whether or not you have money, are educated, are good looking, are married, or have children. Your reason for being is who you are at your deepest self; it is God’s unique letter addressed to you, containing your name and mission in this world. Unless you read that letter and follow it faithfully, you risk being tossed around by a feeling of emptiness, irrespective of whatever you may have achieved. Your life should not be a blind event. It should be a conscious unfolding of the unique reason for you being who you are. Whatever that reason is, it must express deep love for God, Our Father (conscious spiritual life) and a compassionate and loving attitude towards all persons and God’s creation (loving kindness).

Just as God called Samuel by name and gave him a unique mission (I Sam. 3: 3-10), so each person is called by name and given a unique mission. Like Samuel, we each need an Eli in our lives to help us discern the voice of God from other voices, to identify God’s desire for us from the many desires that crowd our minds and hearts. For this reason, we go to Mass, we listen to God’s word, we read and reflect on God’s word, we go for spiritual direction, and we learn to tune our minds and hearts to the inspirations of God which can come to us anytime and through any person or circumstance. We begin to live fully when we find our Reason for being; or we simply die even though we are physically alive.

As Jesus discovers and begins His mission this weekend, may we each discover our unique reason for being and ask for the grace to follow it, no matter what people may think or say. Amen