Look Beyond the Superficial

How many times in our lives have we looked back and exclaimed: How I wish I knew? I remember the story of a lady who was supposed to be the maid of honor at her friend’s wedding. It snowed so badly that she could not make it to the wedding in Canada. The connecting flight could not take off because of the weather. She was so devastated and sobbing so badly. But it was during that period of apparent devastation and darkness that she found the love of her life. He was one of those who could not make it to their destination.

And so was the suffering and death of Jesus. He is alive. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ invites each one of us to look beyond the superficiality of things and experiences. The superficial tends to blind us to the deeper truth that God holds all things together in His love. Once we get to this awareness that at the center of our lives is God, then we can feel safe and secure even amidst the problems and turbulence we encounter each day. Jesus is asking us to believe in Him; that he was dead and now alive, and by believing in Him, we experience the transformation that His love brings to us. When we believe in Him, we find His peace; this peace the world cannot give. It is the peace that results from the experience that we are loved beyond measure, no matter what! May your heart feel the peace of the Risen Christ this season and always. Amen

Peace is not found in the absence of problems…true peace is found in the presence of God”


~Fr Cornelius Okeke