Have we not wondered!

And questions have been asked:

What is Our Father’s Face like?

How is His face?

Is it mean-looking or full of smiles?

What is the Father’s Face?

We forget, Dearest Father,

That your face is Our Father’s Face!

Your face is love and forgiveness,

For you are a God of many chances!

We may run away from you;

Stray from your presence

But You wait for our return

With so much patience.

For you have dreams for each of us,

Dreams of love, goodness;

Dreams of flowing kindness

And infinite compassion

Like YOU!


But we are often seduced

And our hearts soured

By the passing desires of this world;

Our minds get warped and soiled

By greed and deceit;

Our souls become frustrated

By the arrogance of the ego!

We fall and bruise our toes;

We burn our fingers;

We wound ourselves,

And the hearts of others!

We reel in pain

From our self-inflicted pain

And from the pain we cause others.

It’s an unending cycle;

A cycle of pain, failure and arrogance!

For we often think we know better,

But we screw up, like the Prodigal Son,

In bad choices and wasted opportunities.


But your compassion lifts us up

From the mess we make;

Your forgiveness cleanses us,

Of the debris from our ruin;

Your love comforts us

In our self-loathing

And lets us see our mistakes

As lessons from above!


Your face, Dearest Father,

Is a Face of love;

A welcoming face,

That makes us feel home,

Forgiven and accepted.

You give us many chances,

So we can see clearly

And walk on the right path!

Your nature is love and compassion;

And sometimes you let us suffer

So we can learn and mature!


No one, Dearest Father

Is cut off from your loving face;

No one is outside your compassionate gaze;

Our mistakes may haunt us,

Our bad choices may hold us captive;

Our regrets may sadden us.

But your compassionate gaze is steady:

Only we have to look up

To see Your face!

Only we have to get up

From our mess

And make the move

To look at Your face!

Then we will realize

That we are loved all the same.

Our mistakes do not define us;

Our bad choices are our lessons;

Our regrets make us humble!

As long as we look at your face,

Dearest Father,

We are saved:

From anger and resentment;

From unforgiveness;

From self-hate and depression!

We are saved from all that is not Love.

We are free to love again,

Forgive and let go,

And the Light

From Your Throne of Grace

Will food our hearts again.
Then we can pick up

The pieces of our dreams;

Your dreams for us,

And set out once again

On the journey to true life,

And True Love!


Your Face, Dearest Father

Is Love;



Your Face is Our Father’s Face!