Heart of God, heart of love

Compassionate and gentle like a dove

Ever caring, love divine

For us children who are ever thine

You never know a person well until you know his or her heart. The heart is the window to who we are. For in our heart is contained all that is important to us, all that motivate us, all that demotivate us, all that preoccupy us. It is from this heart that we act: we love, we are kind and generous. But it is also from this same heart that arise sentiments of hate, disregard for others, envy, self-hate, and even pray for the downfall of others! All our desires come from our heart and express what lie within. Ex abundantia cordis os loquitor is the Latin proverb which means: From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. The mouth speaks what is in the heart, and we act out what is in the heart.

To know God is to know His heart, and to know His heart is to be influenced by how He looks and sees you. When He looks at you, all He sees is the child He loves so much and can give anything for. This weekend, we see how God looks after you and I. He is upset that His chosen instruments do not care and love His children. These instruments/shepherds today are the priests, bishops, parents, teachers, employers – all persons in positions of authority. They should be shepherds who lead God’s children with love and kindness. But it largely concerns us priests and the way we take care of the people God has entrusted to us. It is our duty as priests to lead God’s people to not just believe in some God in heaven, but to know the heart of this God who reveals Himself in Jesus Christ. This is my vocation as a priest: to love you truly and in such a way as to lead you to the loving heart of this God who withholds nothing from us, not even His only Son, Jesus Christ. I want you to know that I truly love each one of you, and I am prepared to lead you in faith and love to transforming life in Jesus Christ, so you can love the Lord deeply and our brothers and sisters sincerely. In this way you will experience a joy-filled life.

The goal of Christian life is to deepen our knowledge of God’s heart, the heart that is full of love, care, compassion and understanding, in order to be immersed in it. When we immerse ourselves in the ocean of divine love, our heart melts too; it melts in love of God and others, as well as in full self-acceptance. This experience is what makes spiritual practice such as coming to Church, praying and service of others, personally motivated events rather than fulfillment of obligation.

God’s heart is full of love, and He surrounds you with this love. He is easily moved by your situation. Watch out this week for those simple and ordinary epiphanies of God’s compassion and love towards you.

I love you Lord, because you have loved me first. What can I say, only but thanks, for my heart melts in awe and gratitude! For you clasp me in your tender hands and assure me of your abiding presence always. May my life ever praise you. Amen.