How often we are deceived Lord

as we seek the spotlight;

the high places, the places of honor and recognition!

It is in many of us:

this desire and yearning to be the first, to be known, to be famous;

to be loved more than others; to be at the center!

It beckons on us, this craving,

stemming from a lack deep within;

a craving that can follow us from the cradle to the grave, without ever being satisfied.

For nothing satisfies deeply than you, Lord.

We lose ourselves in search of it, for it is insatiable, as much as it is anxious.

Like a drug, the more we get it, the more we crave for it;

and we doubt if the feeling is going to last as soon as we get it; so strange, isn’t it?

Those moments of applause, of recognition, of approval, are as fleeting as they can be;

yet, they hold their grip on us, like moths drawn to the flame!

For some believe the spotlight, places of honor,

have the magic to grant them love of everyone, peace, and – everything!

But it is a delusion and a great one indeed.

How wonderful it is to trust you, Dearest Lord;

to trust that the place you give us is always the best;

for whenever we let you lead us, your grace guides our steps,

and our heart lights up with joy and true peace.

The spotlight of the world easily fades into anxiety and fear;

It often feeds on eccentricity and pressure of the crowds,

unforgiving to humility and patient evolution.

But when you exalt, Dearest Lord,

life is awakened from the dead,

dry bones come back to life,

anxious humans are filled with courage,

despairing hearts find joy and hope again,

and distressed souls experience serenity.

For who can bring down those the Lord God exalts?

Who can uproot what the Lord has planted?

The spotlight of the Lord is the humble place,

where all God’s children – the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, the shy, the rich –

all find peace and experience God’s glory in each other!

The spotlight of God is the sacrificial love of Jesus on the cross, where love is experienced without anxiety or possessiveness; life is lived from within, in that deepest interior where we are secure in our trust in the Loving Plan of God for our lives.

The spotlight of God is found in the ordinary and noiseless; those simple, silent and unassuming events and persons in our lives that are carriers of Divine gifts to us.

Let the humble rejoice and feel not ashamed, for the ways of the spirit will always be confusing to the worldly wise. The soul has logic of its own, and only in the humble state does the soul, united with God, rise to greet the bright light of God’s glory. It is God’s intention for each one of us. May you experience it all the days of your life. Amen