You make everything new

Dearest God!

Your touch sparks off new life.

So intangible, so delicate, so invisible

Your touch is!

Yet, it leaves its mark of freshness,

love, healing and wholeness!

Your touch renews and strengthens.

Your touch Oh Lord purifies.


Without your touch, life seems so difficult;

we feel we struggle alone,

overwhelmed by the problems

that fill our everyday lives!

Without your touch, we seem to guess

what the meaning of life is,

why we are each unique,

and what purpose to fulfil!

Even our desires aren’t that clear;

for our vision may be clouded

by the many attractions and suggestions

we face at every corner and moment!

Without your touch, we remain imprisoned,

locked in the misery of our making:

weighed down by self-hate that we carry around,

eaten up by the resentment that has lingered,

burdened by the guilt that never goes away

saddened by hurts and wounds of the past

inflicted upon us by others and by ourselves!

Without your touch, we merely manage life:

we wake up the same way each day

awaiting not the dawn with excitement,

for indeed we see nothing new in the new day;

we get by each day without enthusiasm;

rolling through the day

like a stone falling from the mountain!

What a life!


When you touch us Lord,

Everything changes!

We no longer manage life;

we live it with joy and gratitude;

we find meaning and purpose!

Each day is new as a gift from your hand,

every encounter is enchanted with your presence,

for when you touch us,

we awaken to who we truly are:

Your beloved children,

loved totally and completely,

loved unconditionally,

and destined to a life of love and joy!

When you touch us, Loving Father,

we return to our home in you,

where there is love, play and forgiveness!

When you touch us, Lord

we leave behind the fear that imprisons us,

we let go of the resentment that sours our hearts;

we run into your embrace

and forget ourselves once again,

as we did when we were kids!

How great it feels to be home,

to be home in You, my Lord and God!

When you touch us Loving God,

we are reborn in joy,

we find ourselves again;

our eyes can then see your loving gaze;

a gaze we totally forgot

in our prison of fear and self-willed life.

Touch us, Dearest Lord!

Touch us again and again,

So we can bear those delightful fruits,

The fruits that bloom with your touch:

Love, gentleness, peace, gratitude & freedom!

How lovely is your touch Oh Lord!

May we open ourselves all the time,

So you can inebriate us,

with the joy of your touch. Amen