You must have heard of Renée Bondi. If you have not heard or read about her, here it is. She is a great singer, full of life and full of faith. She dreamed of being a high school music teacher after her graduation in 1982. The night after she received an engagement ring from her boyfriend in 1988, something apparently bizarre happened when she was sleeping. In her dream, she dived off her bed (perhaps thinking she was diving into the pool), but fell on the hard floor. She broke her neck and became paralyzed at the age of 29. But, being a woman of great faith with great strength of God within her, Renée prayed to God to spare her voice. She said that she would not mind losing control of her other body parts, as long as her voice remained for her to sing to the Lord. That prayer was answered. Her boyfriend did not abandon her in her new state. They got married. Today she is a great singer, author and inspiring public speaker but a quadriplegic. This is her testimony: “If you had told me before my injury that I would be successful as a quadriplegic, I would have said, ‘Yeah, right!’ When put to the test, you will be surprised at how much strength is within you.” That strength within is the strength of “Transfiguration.” That gentle shaft of divine light of faith simply transfigures any circumstance we may find ourselves. She boldly states that her faith, her mind and her love for people are the greatest assets she has.

We may find ourselves in all kinds of difficult circumstances but we retain the capacity to choose to see the inner light of God apparently hidden behind our pain, our depression, our guilt, our sins, our addictions, our sickness, our failed relationships, our financial difficulties, our difficult children, our loss of orientation in life, etc. Whenever we open ourselves to God’s grace and perceive the glory of God hidden in those conditions, we cease to be slaves to our circumstances; for we become freed from the oppression. We experience truly what the apostles experienced: the transfiguration, the glorious face of God’s only Son, consoling us that all our troubles and pains can never take us away from the loving and comforting grip of the Almighty, because ALL things work onto good for those who believe in God.
How often and how easily we give up or surrender to the circumstances we find ourselves; in doing so, we surrender to the negative influences of negative thinking and negative vision. It is all in the mind and the spirit. If your mind tells you that you are doomed, that your life is finished, that you are doomed to failure, and that you are totally hemmed in, your spirit and your body respond to this toxic thinking, and you literally experience yourself imprisoned in your circumstances. The light of hope goes out from your heart and your ears grow deaf to the whispers of God’s love; your eyes also become blinded by the pain of despair.

You are NEVER meant to be a slave to any circumstance. You should always ask in faith: “God I know You are here in this circumstance; show me Your face; where are You leading me, for I know Your loving hands hold me firmly”. You will be amazed at how God lifts you up, and makes everything so meaningful. Through your faith in the Lord you are already redeemed from any circumstance you are in; the glory of Jesus shines upon you. Renée Bondi is a living example. Your pain may not go away; but you will be transformed in and through it.

This will be a good spiritual exercise for you this week. Where is God in your circumstance? Remember: like apostles, you must be willing to be led by God in order to see His glory in your life. Have a grace-filled week.