In the light of Divine Wisdom

(John 11:1-45)

We usually hear the saying that “If you want God to laugh, tell him your plans.” There is some truth in it, but not that God doesn’t care about our plans. Rather, he tweaks our plans, if need be, so that they can serve a better purpose. Julian of Norwich says that if our plans are not up to God’s intention for us, he changes them and gives us better ones. In the same way, sometimes, God allows something that seems bad or inglorious to happen to us with a view to something bigger and more transforming.

Jesus purposely let his friend Lazarus die and be buried. He allowed four days to pass before he would visit their home. Like any of us, Martha protested when she saw Jesus: “I thought you are our friend. Where were you when he was sick and died? You did not even care to come on the burial day to see him and us. Now you are coming after four days. What kind of friend are you, when you could have saved him from dying….” And on and on. Her anger and disappointment are justified in the light of human wisdom. But Divine Wisdom is deeper and more encompassing. She does not know that. In those moments of pain, suffering and disappointment, we send cries of protest to the heavens, because the ground on which our faith rests seems to have caved in, and we feel lost. Yet, in and through those experiences, Divine Wisdom is recreating and transforming us. He is God; he has power over the grave. (Ezk. 36:27). His goal is to give us life and make us whole. He is truly the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in Him, even though he were dead, will live again (John 11:25; Revelation 22:13). God constantly invites us to look at our lives in the light of Divine Wisdom. Whenever we are able to do so, with the assistance of divine grace, we experience deeper faith and freedom, knowing that Our Father guides our ways and leads our steps. Believe and trust in this wisdom and you will not waver. It is my prayer for you this week and always. Amen

Fr. Cornelius Okeke