Your Divine Task

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone were to know consciously that they have a divine task entrusted to them at the moment of their conception? It is the truth, whether we know it or not. A few have a profound awareness of their divine task and are focused on it. With that awareness, they live out their daily lives with intention and attention. And when they come to the end of their lives, they realize they had lived every moment fully, carrying out the task given to them by God. If we are doing the task given to us by God, we are doing God’s will, and it touches every aspect of our lives.

Jesus makes an important statement: He is doing the Father’s work; it is the Father who is doing His work in and through Him. It means that whenever we are carrying out the task given to us by God, it is God, the Father Himself, who in us is accomplishing His works. And God’s work will always lead us to serve others, bring healing and peace to people’s lives. It is not about us. It is not for our glory. On the contrary, all is for the glory of Our Father in Heaven. As His time on earth was coming to an end, Jesus made it clear to his disciples, then and now, that if we believe in him and follow our tasks, we will do greater work than he did. Again, the greatness of the work does not come from our strength or aspiration or dream, but from his power, his presence in us, directing us to carry out the assigned tasks. Fulfilling those tasks is the foundation of real fulfilment in life.

What is your divine task? How did you come about knowing what your divine task is? What impact does this task have on God’s children? And does it bring you peace and fulfilment? Important thoughts for prayerful reflection.

~Fr. Cornelius Okeke