Without You, Jesus!

“Love one another”, you ask us, Jesus!

For we are your brothers and sisters

Everyone, the young and the old,

No matter the language or the culture.

We are your children,

And you love us all equally without preference!


Our love for others is a constant struggle, Jesus,

without your guiding light.

It is in your presence that we find the strength to love unconditionally.

Only your Spirit breaks the barriers within us:

The barriers that divide us from others.

The walls built around our group: me vs. others, us vs. them!

Even in our families, we do not always get along.


We can only trust in your Spirit to break each of us,

For when we are filled with your Spirit

We realize that we are your brothers and sisters,

Your friends and friends of one another,

Then we realize no one is outside of your love.

And no one should be outside the community of your love.


Your love binds us together as One in You and in each other.

Then we can love one another, no matter where they come from,

Or what they look like.

It is your Spirit we each need, Jesus!

To illuminate us and change us,

From inside out.

So, we can truly love others.

For you have first loved us all.

May you be praised,

Forever and ever. Amen