Beginnings and Endings

In time we are born. In time we grow and achieve our dreams. In time we pursue struggles to find and follow our destiny. In time we encounter all the good and the bad. And in time, we bow out from this world when we take our last breath. Between our birth and our exit from this world, there are countless beginnings and endings. When a mom is pregnant, everyone rejoices for a new life forming in her womb. But after a few months, the baby in the womb begins to kick so hard, alerting the mom that her time in the womb is over; she needs to be out in the world to breathe air on her own. When she is born, the pregnancy ends but the life of an independent human being begins. This child will grow up and start going to school. In a few years, she leaves her parents for college. And on and on. If the child does not leave home for college or in pursuit of her dream, she will not realize her own self or be fulfilled. Her parents will deal with letting her go in search of herself.

The Ascension of Our Lord reminds us that our life in this world is time-bound. As it is defined by time, it reminds us also that there is timelessness in our lives as well, because it is from heaven that we came into this world and to the same heaven we shall return to when this time-bound life comes to an end. Every ending brings in a new beginning and every new beginning implies some ending. That is why Ascension also teaches us how to let go of that which has expired in our lives – the hurts, pains, and disappointments of the past that we hold onto! Life keeps moving and we have to let go of that which is stale and heavy, and welcome the new even if it is uncertain.

As we celebrate the Ascension of our Lord, may we remember that his leaving also means that the Holy Spirit will be given to us in abundance. May God grant each one of us the grace to let go of all attachments to the things that have gone by, in order to welcome with open arms, the blessings of today. Amen

~Fr Cornelius Okeke