Again and again,
I wander away from You,
In search of what I believe
Will give me life, peace and joy.
But I hurt myself,
Because I’m disconnected from you;
I hurt myself because I forget:
I forget that you are my life and ALL!
I wander away,
Thinking I am having good time
But my life becomes empty, sad and listless!
My mood changes,
For I have lost my center.
I not only hurt myself;
I can hurt others, too.
For when I am disconnected from you,
My Dearest Lord and God,
Who are my life, my Source, my Love,
Life goes in all directions,
Without a CENTER!
How can fish survive without water?
How can a tree grow without the light of the sun?
How can I live without you?
I wound myself,
As many times as I veer off from you, Lord my God,
Through choices and desires
That take no note of your presence!

But you pursue me with Tender Love
As many times as I go away from your presence.
Your hands stretch out
To bring me back,
From the self-destructing path
I have chosen!
You have saved me many, many times.
And you still save me, Dearest Lord!
For I am weak, but you are strong;
You are not tired of saving me,
Especially from myself!

You are the God who saves,
Always and forever!
For you begot us, your children
And you know how weak, stubborn
And guilty we can be.
But your love never gives up on us!
You are filled with sorrow,
For we often choose death instead of life,
Darkness instead of light,
Hatred instead of Love!
Above all, we often choose the world over You,
My Lord and God!

How many times I feel so deceived, so foolish.
After all the wondrous things you have done in my life,
I still forget,
That I have no life outside you!
No peace or joy outside your hallowed presence.
How could I forget?
But you search me out
You forgive me;
You hold out your hand and pick me up.
You clean me up;
You clean my dirty clothes,
Wipe away the sad tears on my face,
Replenish my empty soul,
And embrace me again with such Tenderness and Love!
Then I melt with tears of being loved!
How great are you, my Dearest Lord!
I cannot understand your love:
So constant, so forgiving, and so tender.
And here I am, ungrateful as I can be,
So unthinking and so forgetful!
The world holds its sway over me,
For I give not much time to You,
Who Art Love and Life.
And I lose my peace, joy and gladness.
For all comes from You,
And life has no meaning outside You.

Your love Oh Lord never changes,
Your tender care endures,
Your forgiveness is eternal.
For you save me always,
Again and again.
Let me not forsake you again,
Dearest Lord!
Let me not forget again, that you are my CENTER!
Let me not leave Your Presence – EVER!
For in Your Love is my Peace,
In Your Presence is Life.
May You be praised forever. Amen