Dear Jesus,

What a question,

So penetrating, so engaging!

For I need to answer it from the heart,

From my experience, my experience of You.

You do not ask this question to test my intelligence,

Or test my acquired knowledge,

Or to know if I still remember my catechism!

No! You ask the question to know where You stand in my entire life;

To know if I take You seriously;

To know if my experience of You means anything to me;

If I realize that You are the center of my life.

You ask me this question to lead me to the depth,

To my heart, where you want to live and give me life!

It is not an intellectual question;

It is an experiential question.

My Beloved Jesus,

You are my Love, my Anchor, my Rock, my Salvation.

You hold my life, as Son of God, firmly in Your hands.

Rain may fall, the earth may quake, troubles may surround me,

But I know, and I know it from my heart through faith,

That I am safe in Your hands,

For You are my Savior, my Messiah!

Above all this, my Beloved Jesus,

You are my Love,

For in You I know that all life is to love:

It is love that holds everything together.

The Father created everything in love,

And you save us through love;

A love that holds nothing back, but recklessly loves,

And pours out itself for others.

Yes, Dearest Jesus,

You are my Master!

For you teach me the way to true life,

The way of Love, Forgiveness, Understanding;

It is the way of Joy, Peace, and Gratitude;

It is the way that has no place for selfishness,

No place for greed,

No place for competition,

No place for domination,

No place for bitterness.

Your way is Love, Selfless Love,

Love that loves all the time and in all situations!

For you save us through love,

And teach us that only love can save, for God is love; Love is YOU!

So, who are You to me, Jesus?

You are my Everything, my ALL!

You own my heart,

And I belong to you – totally and completely!

You are the Light that shines on my path,

The Light that brightens my days,

The Peace that greets my day,

The Courage that fills my being,

The Joy that energizes my soul!

You are my ALL Jesus!

Because You are God, the Author of all life.

No life is meaningful outside You,

No heart finds true joy without You.

All contentment is found in You.

You are my All, my Beloved Jesus!

Rule my heart with your love,

So I can think your thought,

Feel your feeling,

Act your actions,

And be love as You are Love itself!

This is who You are to me, Jesus:

My Love, my Anchor, my Master, my ALL!

To You be all praise, forever. Amen.